On Social Media, Unlike Email Marketing You Don’t Own Your Data. Here’s A Solution.

Ok, so you’re doing just fine and driving boatloads of traffic to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. All seems well. But then the unthinkable happens. Facebook goes down. Twitter goes down. An app goes astray and deletes your fans or followers. Maybe this sounds like something that could never happen, but it’s not impossible.
My warning to you is to ensure you backup your data – not just the data on your servers but your online, social media data as well.
Mashable, as expected, has a short list of ways to backup your social media information:
For Facebook the article reads:
1). Go to Account Settings
2). Click on “Download Your Information” and allow Facebook to download your info
3). Wait for an e-mail that will let you know your info is ready (it takes a while, what with all the stuff you probably have on Facebook)
4). Go through the security test that allows you to download your info (kudos on that one, Facebook), and, voila, your profile is ported to your desktop in a nifty folder.
Read the full article here. It might save you lots of time and lost revenue.