Social Media Security Is About THINKING Before CLICKING

So in 2010 you didn’t leverage social media as you should have. Now in 2011 you are DETERMINED to leverage social media more. You’ll beef of your social media profiles, check out Postling, and NutShellMail. Right?
While your doing all of that makes sure you and your staff are SMART in how you leverage social media. While hackers can program malicious apps and send works through social media networks.
The easiest way for them to compromise your security is by getting you to click on a link that leads to a maliciously coded web site or that gets you to login to a “fake” web site and steal your login information.
An Inc Technology article writes:
“People feel like they’re safe,” explains James Carnall, deputy director of the Cyber Intelligence Division at Cyveillance. “If you have a network in one of these environments, you may feel like you’re sitting in your living room providing information to people who are familiar. But just as my phone is not me and my email account is not me, my Facebook and Twitter accounts are not me. They are mediums that I use to reach out to my network, and they can be compromised.”
This suggestion might be draconian for some companies:
Avansic’s policy is insist that any tweet must be approved by the both the Sales and Marketing departments and the CEO before it can be posted to Twitter, and the same people must give their approval before Avansic’s Twitter account follows any others, in part because the company wishes to avoid any appearance of favoritism in its choices.
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