Warning: A Flood Of New Technology Requires Caution On Your Part (OPEN@CES) #openlive

warning-iStock_000011714357XSmall.jpgIn conjunction with American Express OPEN Forum Smallbiztechnology.com is covering CES, bringing you the hottest and best technology out of thousands of vendors for your growing business.
At CES this week, thousands of vendors will be releasing thousands of new technologies. Some of these will be brand new and many will be upgrades of existing technology.
There are new computers, new tablets, thousands of new mobile accessories, gadgets, printers and so much more.
As a business owner with a limited budget and limited time you really must ensure that you are are careful in the technology you choose for your business.

  • Will the vendor be around tomorrow, to support the technology your are purchasing today.
  • Can the technology grow with you or does it lock you in and limit your growth
  • Is the technology easy to use.

Many technologies are being launched by brand new startups. Every company was a startup one day, but you want to ensure the company you choose is around for a long time.
Some technology is just thrown out so vendors can see “what sticks”. If it does not sell, they’ll discontinue it. This could be from a startup or from a company with a 20 year history.
Invest in technology but be a smart investor and thoroughly “check out” technology before you buy it and buy it with the blessings of your IT consultants.