When Employees Leave Are You Lost? Where’s Their Connections, Contacts and Email?

Hiring an employee is great. Hiring one who works exceptionally well is even better. However, all good things must come to an end. When they leave what happens to their email and other valuable communication?
Ensure you know where it is and how to access it.
One neat tool is Mail Manager, a plug in for Microsoft Outlook which allows all email to be filed in a central location and in MS Outlook’s native format, searchable from within Mail Manager’s.
Some of the top benefits of Mail Manager include:

  • It’s easy: file emails AS you send and receive them, keeping or discarding attachments
  • It saves big $$: It slashes the space required to hold email attachments and eliminates duplication
  • It allows for collaboration: emails filed into team folders are accessible by all members of a project
  • It cuts eDiscovery costs: lightning fast search function cuts time spent on eDiscovery to almost nothing
  • It’s future-proof: data is stored in Microsoft’s native format, so the storage method can change at any time.

When employees leave your company ensure their connections, contacts and communications stay with you.