Zoho To Launch Accounting Solution: QuickBooks, Outright, Peachtree get company

Zoho is one of the quiet brands for small businesses. It’s got almost 30 applications for small businesses – from CRM, word processes, presentation and so much more. One thing it does not have is an accounting solution…until next week.
At that time you can expect to see Zoho come out with an accounting solution competing head on (more or less) with Quickbooks, Outright.com, Peachtree, Indinero, Wave Accounting and other small business accounting solutions.
Most of Zoho’s products are free, to start off with. Once you need more users, you’ll pay for the product.
In April, I wrote extensively about Zoho here, with video.
Not only must growing businesses choose between Google or Apple, employee or contractor, cloud computing or on premise, but now their choice of money management has just grown – thanks to Zoho.
If you are happy with your current accounting solution, you probably won’t want to switch to Zoho – or anyone else. But if your accounting solution is not good for you – for whatever reason speak with your accountant and TRY out other solutions. It’s a pain to export and import your financial records, but if you find a solution you LOVE, it’s worth it.