Should You Be A Specialist In Using Groupon? Facebook? Yelp? Google Local?

You want to get more local customers to come to your retail business, call you or print out a coupon. What should you do? Groupon? Facebook local? Google Local? Yelp? You’ve got a lot of options.
It’s pretty easy to use any one of these tools and even to advertise a bit. But to get the most out of these tools you really need to have some level of expertise to know how to maximize them and get the most out of them.
I just received an email from Groupon that offers a new service for merchants who want a boost in local sales “right now”.
The email reads:

  • You set up deals targeted at customers looking for something to do right NOW
  • We feature your business through our mobile app and website to customers in your area that are looking for something to do at that moment
  • They buy your deal and walk through your door that same day. SIMPLE.

You can:

  • Minimize slow times or fill last minute cancellations
  • Control the volume of customers you want right now
  • Limit the deal to specific products or services

What’s my point?
As you get deeper into the variety of new and old online services you’ll find that the initial way you have been using them is simply not enough. You’ll need to learn the deep nuances of each of the services and how to get the most out of them.
You can take the time to learn this on your own, but as you grow you’ll want to really on a specialist or encourage someone on your staff to learn the services and become your in-house guru.
Check out to get online training in many of the online services you use every day and others that you should know about.

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