It’s Time To Consider Quick Response (QR) Bar Codes In Your Marketing (New Service From Snappd)

You’ve seen them in fancy magazines, on bill boards in Times Square, Las Vegas and Austin, your geek friends have shown them off – but you’ve never thought they were for you.
I’m talking ab out QR Codes – the bard codes smartphones can read with software and when scanned a program is activated, web site pops up, SMS message is sent or some other action takes place.
I bet all of your customers are not using QR codes, yet, neither are even most of them. However, QR codes are easy to setup, make you look hip and can increase your marketing to the often younger “smartphone app” crowd.
snapped-logo.pngThere’s a new service, that helps you create a mobile web site, produces a QR code and then creates a custom flyer for you to distribute to customers (or potential customers) with a QR code. It’s pretty neat.
Whether you use a service like this or do things yourself, QR codes (although a bit on the bleeding edge) are something you might want to consider today to be prepared for tomorrow!