5 Ways To Successfully Network At The Airport @OPENForum

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I recently went to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. In the few hours I spent in the airport and on the plane, I met three great people: a senior executive at a wireless carrier, an interactive executive at a big insurance company and the head of a large nursing home who invited me to speak in Austin!

I met these people and I wasn’t even trying that hard. You can do it too and grow your business as you travel through airports.

Many of you fly at least a few times a year for business or pleasure. You spend the time stuffing your face with unhealthy food, checking e-mails, reading books and idly staring into space.

May I suggest that you try, instead, to network with one or two people who could possibly help your business grow?

Read my 5 Strategies at the OPEN Forum Here.

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