8 Lessons The White House Teaches Business About Digital Communications

One of my bucket list goals is to be invited to the White House. I’ve met the president before (briefly), but I’d love to meet him and his team at the White House. Unfortunate most Americans will never meet the president or be invited to the White House.
However, what the White House communication team has smartly done is to fully use the power of digital communications to give us as close as possible access to the White House – from our computer screens. There is a lot we can all learn from the White House.

Multiple communication streams

There is a lot of activity happening at the White House – events, meetings, policy decisions, and more. You might only want to see a press releases, others might want to see just a photo and some might want to see everything White House- related. The White House has a photo of the day, where you can see one photo of the president or someone else, for that day. They also have press releases and so much more.
For your business, especially if you have a lot of information, give people a choice of how much or how little to receive; don’t just have one stream of communication.
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