Be Productive with Your iPad, Get Work Files on It

iPad 2

iPad 2The iPad 2, like its predecessor, still lacks a USB drive and shared file system. If you’re puzzled about how to bring in your work files and PDFs onto your new tablet, Walt Mossberg provides a practical how-to-guide in a recent article on

Mossberg looks at some common, and not so common, ways to work with documents on both iPad versions. Some of the uncommon methods are:

  • Wired file transfers through iTunes.
  • Wireless file transfers through available apps. Mossberg likes Air Sharing for $2.99: “It mounts your iPad on your computer as if it were an external drive, and allows you to drag files between your computer and iPad,” he said.
  • Cloud-based file transfers using SugarSync, Dropbox, or Apple’s own iDisk.

Also, check out Mossberg’s video for a show and tell on iPad file transfer.

(Photo credit – Apple)

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