2 thoughts on “Content Is King. But Too Much Content Is Not Good: Lesson From Staples.com

  1. Fred

    I don’t know… I kind of disagree – I don’t think it’s the fact that Staples sends out too MUCH content, I think that all their content is the same and has little to offer except more stuff and deals to get me to buy. I could take more regular emails if there was value-added content in there too.

    For example, HP Business has really nice (if biased) articles about cloud computing, IT deployment of new OSes, etc. in addition to deals about their equipment.

    Absolutely – getting 4 sales flyers instead of 1 is annoying. But frequent great content, is just great…

    – Fred

  2. Jeff

    I love that they gave you the opportunity to choose to change the frequency that you get the email. I don’t ever recall seeing that before. Thanks for the great idea.


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