How to Use Online Videos to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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Play buttonOnline videos can do marketing wonders for your small business. Kermit Pattison, in a New York Times article, writes that these videos give companies “a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV advertisements.

He outlined some ways to harness videos on sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove:

  • Showcase your products. “Short of getting a customer in the door or sending a salesperson on the road, online video may be the best way to demonstrate a product,” writes Pattison.
  • Build a brand channel. A maker of small high-definition cameras created a YouTube channel that features more than 100 customer-created videos–point of view shots of customers in adventure sports.
  • Use analytics and tools. Pattison writes how one company used YouTube’s analytics to observe its audience’s behavior to figure out an ideal video length. “The company also discovered ‘hot spots’ that viewers rewind to and rewatch . . . and it now makes sure to include more such scenes.”
  • Offer instructions. Businesses have tapped into video to complement printed instruction manuals. Pattison tells of how this allowed one company to “eliminate phone support and cut its customer service budget about 40 percent.”


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Joseph Mutidjo

Joseph is a writer at Smallbiztechnology. His first taste of home computing was the Tandy 1000. He continues to be fascinated with how technology makes life easier and more efficient.

2 thoughts on “How to Use Online Videos to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

  1. Jenna

    Video can be a great way for small businesses to increase web traffic and conversion rates. Using video can help you communicate your company’s value prop in a clear and concise way – without your sales reps spending hours and hours explaining how great your product or service is.

    However, just creating videos about your company isn’t enough. If your video marketing doesn’t help your videos get seen on the web, your videos won’t be able to do the ‘wonders’ that Pattison talks about in his article.

    A new (and free) online video grader gives you instant feedback on how effective your video marketing efforts are compared to other companies of your size. Just plug in your website url and YouTube page, and you get automatic feedback (a score between 1 and 100) and tips on how to improve. The grader can be found at :


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