HTC HD7 Windows 7 Phone. Thin and Fast.

hd7-tmobile-Support-1257.pngI’m continuing to explore the world of Windows 7 phones. HTC makes great phones – Android and Windows 7, after making a slew of Windows Mobile phones for years. I’ve been checking out an HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 on T-mobile’s network.
Overall the phone is very thin and feels strong, it’s fast. Windows Phone 7 is pretty easy to use and fun. What I continue to like is the dedicated camera button, which enables you to take a photo real quick – one button.
I tried to watch a video from Youtube, but in order to play the video I had to download a Youtube video player and get it by singing in with my Microsoft Live ID. I didn’t like that barrier. It’s true that Windows Phone 7 has a lot less applications than Android or Apple platforms and Microsoft is working real fast to boost development of additional applications. This phone shines in its ability to connect to the Microsoft Office online ecosystem.
Taking pictures with the HD7 was a pleasure. Press the photo button, to bring up the camera. Press it again to take the photo. Pressing the touch sensitive screen easily brought up a menu enabling me to delete or share the photos (or video) I had taken.
As I’ve said before, if you’re very happy with your current phone, Windows Phone 7 is probably not enough to switch. But if you still don’t have a smartphone or want to try a new phone – it’s worth seeing if Windows Phone 7 is for you.
I’ve not tried out the battery life, clarify of T-mobile’s network and other things that are important. But I hope this review gives you a good feel for this phone but more importantly HTC and Windows Phone 7.