Make Twitter A Team Effort With the Right Tech Tools – NY Public Library’s Journey @nypl

For those of you wondering how to get the various members of your team to collaboratively use Twitter, there is a solution.
If you are a very small business or one person business it’s not hard to use Twitter. It’s just you. But when you want brand consistency and yet want several people on your team to use Twitter, you need a tool that can help do this.
The New York Public Library had the same challenge. How to use one Twitter profile (@nypl) yet have a variety of users and branches contribute?
The answer is a streamlined workflow and a collaborative dashboard. Hootsuite writes in a recent blog post that the NYPL did three things to help them get from 7,000 followers to over 90,000 and increase the number of visitors to their web site:

  • Scheduling tools: Several NYPL staff members contribute to and curate the @nypl feed which necessitated tools to coordinate their social media efforts throughout the organization.
  • Shared search columns: Team members needed to be able to respond from many locations, so the staff monitoring the feeds shared search columns in the dashboard with the appropriate team members.
  • Assignment features: The staff could easily monitor conversations about NYPL in the HootSuite dashboard and either respond to Tweets directly or assign Tweets to fellow staff for follow-up.

To be successful in using technology you need to want to make change and then find the tech tools to help make that change a reality.