New Notebooks: Longer Battery Life, Lite Weight & Durable

As a mobile user I’ve used many notebook computers and smartphones over the years, like many of you do. Just by walking the floors of SXSW so many are indeed buying iPads and other tablets, but many knowledge workers still need a full sized notebook with a full sized screen and keyboard.

One reason you’ve said you like it so much is due to the longer battery life.

Earlier this month Lenovo launched a tablet and notebook computer, the ThinkPad X220 laptop – and the X220 convertible Tablet PC, with a number of nice features, but one feature which caught my eye is long battery life – 9 hours on a regular 9 cell battery. Wow. Most of the notebooks I use only last 2 – 3 hours – at most.

When you move around a lot and are not sure where the next power socket will be, you want a notebook that can last for hours.

Lenovo’s press release reads:

The inside of the new PCs reveal a cleaner, sharper design over previous models. Both the ThinkPad X220 laptop and X220 Tablet feature a 12.5-inch HD screen and self-closing hinges that shut the PCs. This space-saving hinge design brings several key benefits: better antenna and speaker placement for stronger throughput, a 45 percent larger touchpad and a cleaner visual design. The larger, buttonless touchpad gives extra room for fingers to scroll, highlight and do multitouch gestures.

There’s many great notebooks on the market from Dell (such as the Dell Vostro), Toshiba (Portege), Acer, HP and Lenovo. Know HOW you want to use your notebook and then buy the one that’s best for you. Happy mobile computing.

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