You Don’t Need To Rely on Groupon If You Know Your Customers and Show Them Love: Long Lines @ Rita’s On Sunday

Groupon is a great service. It makes billions of dollars selling billions of discount services on behalf of mostly small businesses – restaurants and many other very local businesses. You give a BIG discount for your product or service and Groupon advertises this discount via email to thousands of people in your neighborhood. Ideally – you get long lines of people taking the offer.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was out with my family and we stopped by our local icy/frozen yogurt joint , Ritas, to get a FREE cup of cold pleasure. Ironically, we did not hear about this deal from Groupon. But since we’re on Rita’s mailing list, they were able to reach out to us directly about this offer (and other offers throughout the year).

Rita’s doesn’t have to pay Groupon 50% of the discounted price for this offer (free) or any other offer. They just stick a sheet of paper on the ledge of their shop and ask people to give them their email addresses.

Seeing the long line of people outside of Rita’s is evidence enough that while Groupon is great for many of you, if you have your own list of customers you can send them your own offers and do just fine.


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  • BrothaTech

    I think it boils down to businesses taking more control over and investing in their growth. Rita’s obviously recognizes this and has invested in a simple but effective newsletter. Most small businesses still rely on their static websites and business cards to spread the word and keep customers informed. So they would much rather spend more money and let someone else [groupon] do the work.