Game Changing Innovation: Insight From Four View Points – Kawasaki, Belsky, Brogan, Ray

Four highly influential voices in the business world—Ramon Ray, Guy Kawasaki, Scott Belsky and Chris Brogan—share their insights from the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show on how to create game-changing innovation. From new ideas to technology , and from mobility to increased productivity,  get advice on how to elevate the customer experience and think proactively about what pieces of information matter most in order to compete and win.

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Here’s the video transcript:

I think that if you look at the great companies, they were not created because the founders desired to make a quick buck. The desire of the founders was to change the world. They were creating the tools or products or services that they themselves wanted to use. Now that is very different from most people who say, the reason I’m starting a company is to make a lot of money, and the reason I’m starting in this particular segment is because I read something that said that this is a hot segment. This is a hot segment, so I’m going into the segment. You don’t know anything about the segment. You don’t love the segment. You have no experience in the segment. But you’re going into the segment because it’s a hot segment. It’s completely contrary to the great success stories: the Google, the YouTubes, the Apples, the Ciscos, the Yahoos, the Microsofts. All of them were two guys in a garage, two gals in a garage, trying to change the world making a product they wanted to use.
Ramon Ray
How small businesses identify opportunities for innovation is something I think is very interesting. I think small businesses can be at Level A, and just do what they’re doing. But to be game-changing, let’s think of with one click. That takes a whole different mindset and scenario. So I think as far as technology, it’s finding what your pain points are and knowing what they are. Two, map that to what your customers want and how you can delight your customers. And then point three, where I get excited, the geek comes out in me, is thinking about what technology I can overlay on that to help me innovate.

Scott Belsky
A lot of new technology debuts based on the entertainment value. People don’t really think about the value in our workflow and our everyday productivity until later on. So I like going around and seeing what all the cool stuff is that people are thinking about for entertainment purposes, and think, how is this going to enter the work environment five years from now?

Ramon Ray
Mobility is powerful. Their competitors may have to say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Let me wait until I get back to the office before I can meet your need or answer your question.” The small business owner that can leverage mobile technology and be as productive out of the office as they are in the office, they’re going to win the game.

Chris Brogan
If you’re not looking at mobile and distributed work force technologies that allow you to work shift and allow you to be in lots of places, you’re missing an opportunity. You should mobile enhance your website. You should make sure your website renders really nicely on a three-inch screen. You need to find people who have done it, and then you need to model that success. Then you need to network with people who maybe aren’t at the top of the game, but who are rising, and actually work back-and-forth with them. Places like OPEN Forum allow that, because you’re talking to other entrepreneurs who have the same challenges you have every day. Ask one great question, you might get your next big business.

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