5 Mobile Marketing Tips: Lessons From A Chase Bank QR Code

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qr codeYesterday I was on the train riding into New York City and flipping through my stack of Crain’s NY magazines.

I’ve noticed that in general more advertisements are coming with QR Codes (not just in Crain’s but in magazines and other print. Ironically I don’t see any QR codes on the radio 🙂 ).

In the magazine, there was an advertisement from Chase Bank marketing it’s new e-commerce service.

The adv had the obligatory QR Code which I scanned with my phone.

I was taken to a web site which was sort of optimized for a mobile browser, but I still had to do quite a bit of scroll and resizing of the page. There was also a video on the page and instead of smoothly playing as a video embed in the mobile web site, I had to download a video file and then play it on my phone. Not good.

What Chase should have done was had a custom web site for smart phones, with minimal graphics and plenty of vertically scrolling content that was easy to ready on my phone’s browser.

Furthermore, they should have had the video play right when I clicked on the “play” button and not download.

Lesson learned: Mobile marketing is great, such as the use of QR Codes, but as you use market to a mobile audience give some thought into the end user experience. Although your mobile customers can go online via their smartphones, their screens are very small and many connections might still not be as fast as desktop Internet connections. Design your mobile marketing content with this in mind.

As small business owners with little budgets, few resources and minimal expertise, you might not be able to get everything right all the time. But rely on your service providers to help you do things right. There is a list of great resources you can check out here.

Here’s five things to keep in mind:

  • Mobile screens are smaller
  • Mobile speeds (overall and for many) are still slower than a desktop computer
  • Your reader is more distracted and has less time on their smartphone than on your computer
  • The reader wants less eye candy and more information – fast
  • Try out your own mobile marketing and see if you like it


6 thoughts on “5 Mobile Marketing Tips: Lessons From A Chase Bank QR Code

  1. kickAnotchmobile

    Yes, mobile marketing should be easier on the user. QR Codes should be an important part of print media. This keeps the readers engaged, and brings print digital. QR Codes can link to a mobile website, like mentioned, along with a subscription sign up, or a prompt to email.
    Good Article, and Thanks for the read.
    http://www.scanlutions.com has good info about QR Codes.

  2. Tonest211

    From a marketing perspective, I completely agree. You cant use the same amount of information for a phone ad as you can in a print ad. Companies should really consider the experience before putting these things out.

    Who invented QR codes anyway?

  3. Steve Meeks

    Agree 100%.

    I have seen SO MANY QR campaigns fail at this most important detail in the strategy.

    Mobile Optimized Landing Pages.

    Think of this:
    You spend literally a million dollars on a Super Bowl ad only to force your viewers to look at their 55 inch flatscreen through a pinhole at 50 yards.
    Thats what you’re doing when you give someone a landing page made for desktops.
    I will not spend one second on a site that isn’t optimized for mobile and I know others wont either.
    Its a waste of time scrolling and resizing.
    Not only that, flash isn’t supported on ANY Iphones or Ipads.

    We provide QR strategy at our firm that involves a Connect.Engage.Measure Platform emphasizing the Engage part.

    Connect = QR or 2D Code (with directions on what to do in print next to the code)
    Engage = Mobile Optimized Landing page AND, reward for scanning.
    Measure = capture metrics for ROI

    The connection is the simplest part, the engagement is the most important part for the end user, and the measurement is important to keep you’re job when implementing a marketing plan.

    Steve Meeks


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