Accept Credit Cards On Your Smartphone with Square

Square mobile commerceWhether you are a small business owner or a bootstrapped entrepreneur, you all have one thing in common: getting business done on a small budget. Why not utilize a tool that helps you collect money for your products? Square is a neat device developed by co-founder of Twiter, Jack Dorsey.

It’s a plastic device that you stick into the audio jack of your Android Smartphone, iPad or iPhone and collect credit card payments from Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

Jack Dorsey’s goal is to simplify the transaction of paying and being paid for something. As a business owner, shouldn’t it be your goal to be flexible with cash or credit?! Why not ditch the old-school mentality of the cash register for the mobile version that can fit in your pocket?

Square, unlike most other credit card payment machines which require extraneous fees, Square costs nothing for signing up. The device is free as well. Square takes about 2-3% plus 15 cents off of every swiped transaction you Square.

Square might be a great business solution for you. But you never know until you try! To learn more info, go to

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Formerly at Mashable, Sana Ahmed is a Social Technology Consultant who streamlines technology strategies for business, learning, and personal productivity. She trains digital users on how to take back their technology and get down to business! Sana also contributes to, and works on her startups in her spare time.

9 thoughts on “Accept Credit Cards On Your Smartphone with Square

    • Sana Ahmed

      Paul, thanks for your point of view. The Square vs. other credit card machines have their different package deals. The neat thing with the Square is that you don’t have a monthly payment to use the equipment like most other credit card readers do.

  1. Nick Verticelli

    Another option is Intuit’s (the makers of QuickBooks) “GoPayment” service which is very similar to Square. It’s 2.7% +15 cents for swiped cards and 3.7% +15 cents for keyed in card numbers with no other fees. They also have a $12.95/mo. plan for businesses that do a lot of transcactions where you get a lower swipe rate. GoPayment requires you to set up a Merchant Account where they do a credit check while Square does not (anyone can sign up and get a free reader). Square, however, has a $1000 per 7 day transaction limit for security reasons where any amount over is held for 30 days before being deposited into your banking account. GoPayment does not, probably because Merchant Accounts and credit checks are involved before a person is approved.

    I currently have a Square account but just signed up for a GoPayment account to compare the two. I like Square because any average guy can sign up without needing a Merchant Account and get a free reader to use it to take payments even from friends who owe you money or for things like yard sales or flea markets. GoPayment seems to be aimed more toward the small business owner and although it may seem daunting to have to get a Merchant Account and credit check, it only took me a day to get approved for my freelance PC repair business, providing only the name of the business, address, contact info and a description of what I did (I guess to keep things legit) along with some personal info about me for the credit check.

    With either service, there are no monthly fees, hidden costs or fees for the card swiper so there’s no excuse not to try either one or even both for that matter.


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