Alternatives To Microsoft Exchange and Google? But Of Course!

Most of you are familiar with two of the most popular email services and platforms for business – Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps. However there are several other email server software and services that you might want to try out.

Why not use Microsoft Exchange? Some might say it’s expensive and complicated. However, Microsoft Online Services makes Exchange very affordable and relatively easy to use.

Why not use Google Apps? Some might say it’s not secure and your giving Google your data to mine. I find it’s as secure as any other online service and the data mining, if it’s true for paid/professional email, doesn’t bother me so much.

Either way, there are other options. One email server is SmarterMail. I asked a few questions about SmarterMail and their spokesperson provides the answers here:

What does it cost?

New SmarterMail licenses can be purchased starting at $299 for a basic set up for up to 250 mailboxes.  Fully loaded Enterprise editions with premium add-ons and unlimited mailboxes are about $2000.  Leased (monthly) licenses start at just $15 per month.  SmarterMail is the value leader in the enterprise- level collaboration mail server market.
Why use SmarterMail when Exchange AND of course Google Apps are there?

Microsoft, quite frankly, is very expensive.  This applies to all aspects of use and ownership.  The licensing is more expensive (5 times as much), it requires dedicated severs and network architecture, is less stable, and requires specialized training to operate and maintain.  Google’s Gmail service is “paid” for by the harvesting of data and the reselling of that data.  Our position at SmarterTools has always been that email does not have to be hard or expensive, and neither  do you have to sacrifice business-class features or the ownership of your data.

[Editorial Note: A Google spokesman has advised that Google does not resell user data]
Why server software when SaaS is so much easier?

Customers do not have to choose one or the other when choosing SmarterMail.  SmarterTools sells and leases licenses.  These are installed on local networks and are hosted in data centers on dedicated, VPS, and cloud structures.  Our hosting partners use SmarterMail to deliver SmarterMail as a service to millions of individuals and small businesses in dozens of languages and 120 countries.
Are there benefits to server software over SaaS in some cases?

Absolutely, which is why SmarterTools and our partners provide so many delivery methods. Sometimes it is a matter of preference–SMBs may wish to have better control over the server.  SmarterMail allows system admins very detailed adjustment and configuration options for things like spam protections, mailbox limits, mailing list management, and more.  Others choose to operate their own server over SaaS because of SmarterMail’s deep API which allows for full automation, control, and integration with third-party applications such as control panels, HR systems, and security software.  There are also companies that have very stringent network requirements as a function of regulation.  Sarbanes Oxley, FINRA, and HIPAA (among others) require specific archival retention, protections, and documentation.  SmarterMail is a successful component of these systems.
When was the company founded?

SmarterTools was founded in 2003 by Tim Uzzanti.  Previously, Mr. Uzzanti had found one of the largest Windows hosting companies in the world at the time.  He sold that company to a publicly traded company.
Where are they based?
SmarterTools is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

5 thoughts on “Alternatives To Microsoft Exchange and Google? But Of Course!

  1. tweakservers

    SmarterMail show the promising features and pricing over the years. The add-on support of ActiveSync feature since v6 is a good move and definately helps to reduce the cost.

  2. Lenny Horstink

    Hi. Just wanted to inform there is a great new alternative to Exchange. Zentyal offers hosting providers a native drop-in replacement to Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange Server. Unlike other solutions, no Microsoft Outlook connector or plug-in is required.
    You can try a demo here:

    And for SMBs, they also offer a solution that has natively compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and native compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory.

    Just give it a try!


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