How Tasti D-Lite Uses Technology & Creativity To Delight Its Customers

Thanks to UPS for enabling coverage of Inc’s GrowCo. Discover the new logistics. It levels playing fields and lets you act locally or globally. It’s for the individual entrepreneur, the small business, or the large company. Put the new logistics to work for you.

tastiDliteThanks to UPS, I’m at Inc Magazine’s GrowCo, bringing this great event to all of you. At the opening reception I spoke with BJ Emmerson, Vice President of Technology at Tasti D-Lite about how he’s using technology to delight his customers.

One thing we talked about was how tastiDlite enables customers to link their loyalty rewards program to their social media accounts. Customers who link their rewards program to their social media accounts get MORE loyalty reward points. This is a powerful way of how tastiDlite is not just asking customers to Tweet about something, but in fact making it easy to do and rewarding them for doing so.

B J told me that with a little bit of creativity and low cost technology small businesses can leverage the technology that everyone uses, including their competitors, to beat their competition.

Check out this video of our discussion.

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