Need to Save Money on Productivity Software? Use Lotus Symphony for Free

IBM Lotus Symphony 3

IBM Lotus Symphony 3Anything that’s free is music to a business owner’s ears. IBM makes it even sweeter by giving you the full orchestra.

IBM Lotus Symphony is a free, full-featured office productivity suite that’s a comparable alternative to long-standing Microsoft Office. With Lotus Symphony there’s no more worrying about licensing fees, or having to pay for version updates.

Although Lotus Symphony is based on the same technology OpenOffice is developed on, IBM has managed to create an entirely unique user interface and experience.

Lotus Symphony handles documents, spreadsheets and presentations exceptionally well. It gives you the ability to customize and arrange toolbars, export documents to PDF with one-click, and provides a tabbed environment so you can easily work on multiple documents. Lotus Symphony provides decent interoperability with Microsoft Office so you can open your existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and export in those formats if necessary.

Lotus Symphony becomes even more powerful and functional when you install one of the many plug-ins created by IBM or other developers.

A shift to the cloud has made Google Docs popular with businesses that need anywhere access and the ability for team members to collaborate. Lotus Symphony provides the same online collaborative functionality when it connects to LotusLive, IBM’s cloud service.

Check out the promotional video below to learn more about IBM Lotus Symphony and visit its website here.


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4 thoughts on “Need to Save Money on Productivity Software? Use Lotus Symphony for Free

  1. Roman

    I tried it a while back and the 1.x version didn’t do that much for me but I’ve been tried the current version 3.x last fall and have been very happily using it since. Turns out the best things in life are free . . . besides, Redmond has enough of my cash.


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