After Amazon’s Cloud Server Outage, Should You Trust the Cloud? Ramon Ray Discusses Cloud Computing on MSNBC’s Your Business

MSNBC Your BusinessCloud computing took another beating recently when Amazon’s EC2, its cloud server service, went down for more than 24 hours.

Popular start-up services like HootSuite and Foursquare were left in the dark for an extended period, leaving lots of small business owners scratching their heads and thinking twice about jumping on the cloud bandwagon.

JJ Ramberg of msnbc’s “Your Business” recently interviewed Ramon Ray of about the state of cloud computing in light of recent outages.

JJ questioned Ramon on whether it’s safe for vulnerable small businesses to use cloud computing, how to go about deciding on which cloud services to use, and what protection a company should have if it utilizes the cloud.

“The benefits [of cloud computing] outweigh the negativity of it. Yes, still trust the cloud; be wary of it,” Ramon said.

Click here to watch the full interview and to learn more about cloud computing for small businesses.



About Joseph Mutidjo

Joseph is a writer at Smallbiztechnology. His first taste of home computing was the Tandy 1000. He continues to be fascinated with how technology makes life easier and more efficient.

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