GotoCamera @ SXSW 2011 – Turn Your Webcam and PC into a Security System, For Free

GotoCameraForget about installing high-end CCTV cameras and expensive equipment. With GotoCamera, that cheap little webcam on top of your PC monitor turns into a capable security camera.

GotoCamera offers a free service which allows you to use your USB or integrated webcam to provide snapshots and videos directly to your mobile phone and email. You’ll even be equipped with motion-detection functionality, to help you detect uninvited guests.

It only takes about five minutes to sign up for an online account and set up the client on your Windows PC (sorry Mac folks). Once you’ve configured your settings, use GotoCamera to monitor your store for shoplifters and employee theft, or to get a quick visual of your establishment when you’re off-site or away on vacation.

Footage is stored on GotoCamera’s servers, and optionally on your hard drive also. You can access your account online to review footage and manage your security settings. The admin feature also gives you the ability to let other users have full or limited access to your account.

GotoCamera’s free plan limits you to one camera and 50 MB of cloud storage for video and snapshots. Shell out a measly $3.49 per month and you can upgrade to its premium service which features 1 GB of storage, use of up to four cameras, and live video streaming.

Check out the video below of Ramon Ray at GotoCamera’s booth at SXSW 2011:

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Joseph Mutidjo

Joseph is a writer at Smallbiztechnology. His first taste of home computing was the Tandy 1000. He continues to be fascinated with how technology makes life easier and more efficient.

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    Joseph and Ramon, thanks for featuring us. We also support CCTV and wireless CCTV cameras btw. More on CCTV support on our blog at

    – Varun
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