Neer @ SXSW 2011 – Private Location-Based Network on Your Mobile Phone


NeerLocation-based apps and services are mushrooming. One popular service is Neer, a free platform developed by Qualcomm Services Labs.

Neer taps into your iPhone or Android device’s location tracking technology. With Neer you can create a private network with family or friends, so you can be updated, in real-time, of where they are.

You can set and name frequently visited locations or “places” such as school, work, gym or the supermarket. Since the phone app stays on and runs in the background, you’ll be able to check on whether your child is still at school, or if your spouse has left work.

Another handy feature is Neer’s location reminder. You can set up a shopping list that will notify you when you are in close proximity to the supermarket, or a to-do reminder the next time you are at work or the bank.

Although Neer has taken off in the consumer market, the service can also be used by businesses. Your companies can use Neer to stay informed of employees’ location, especially if your workforce is mobile. Plus Neer’s reminder tool can help your team stay on top of their to-do items, especially if it spans different locations.

Check out the video of Ramon Ray at Neer’s booth at SXSW 2011 below:


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Joseph Mutidjo

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One thought on “Neer @ SXSW 2011 – Private Location-Based Network on Your Mobile Phone

  1. Koowie

    Isn’t this the same as Foursquare and what Facebook is doing? The location based idea is interesting but could it be just over marketed? I don’t see a great demand fir it..yet.


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