App of the Week: Jot Saves Time by Managing Your Expenses

Tag your expenses and save time with Jot, the app of the week.

Jot, by Ink from Chase (a JP Morgan Inc.), tags all your spending on their Ink Card (currently available only for the bank’s Ink business credit card) and saves you two weeks in out of the year to do better things with your small business.

How many small business owners can do this without a major reorganization? Well, this is possible with this week’s App of the Week. Jot sends push notifications of each transaction (see inset) and enables users to (relatively) quickly append transactions with category information, i.e. “tag” transactions.



Using a smart time-and-money saving mobile app like Jot will help you to –

  • Get Text alerts seconds after a purchase via Ink card
  • Reconcile purchase by tagging  to custom categories via Smart Phone or online
  • Get your employee expenses tagged
  • Track all transactions on their account through their Smart Phones/online
  • Control  in real-time your employees’ card spending using your Smart Phone
  • Generate reports into your accounting software like QuickBooks, Excel

This app runs on the iPhone or Android, so many small business owners can experience how an app such as Jot can help you gain control on time. Spending an hour each day on ideation with automated expenses tracking (vs paperwork) makes smarter business sense. SMB owners who use this app will optimize productivity on a fast track.

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Anuradha Shukla

Anuradha Shukla is a China-based writer covering a range of topics from enterprise IT to mobile technology. Shukla writes for the Korean IT magazine Asia-Pacific Business and Technology Report. Her articles are also published by an Australasia media company Fairfax Media.

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