Intuit’s QuickBooks App – The Small Businesses Secret Weapon (Secret Army of Secondary Developers)

We all know and love our mobile applications, enabling us to do a variety of things from the comfort and ease of your smartphones.

One thing many small businesses use are financial management tools from Intuit (QuickBooks), Sage (Peachtree) and other vendors.

Over the years Intuit’s done a great job in enabling partners to develop apps for QuickBooks enabling 3rd party programs to leverage integrate with QuickBooks – scheduling, inventory, payroll and so much more.

Intuit recently announced Intuit Anywhere enabling developers to develop applications that can connect to QuickBooks from an Intuit Anywhere enabled app, sign-in with their Intuit Account and instantly have QuickBooks data available to them.

If you’re a small business owner, using QuickBooks you can do SO MUCH more with QuickBooks through developer create apps.

Quite powerful.

Read the blog post here.



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