4 Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

There’s a solution to every technology problem. But picking the right one can require time, patience, and flexibility — along with some good advice from a trusted adviser. There are many business owners who have a variety of technology solutions, but the reason they are not getting the most out of the technology is that they have not invested the time (and often the money) to ensure they are using technology to its full potential.

Sometimes, you have to move away from free services and pay for something — to “get what you pay for.” Other times you might need to educate yourself (or your employees) more about technology. Smallbiztechnology.com’s own Ramon Ray discusses four tech tactics that will help you grow your company on Allbusiness.com.

One thought on “4 Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

  1. Amelia Stevenson

    Very helpful list.

    I also believe growing companies can use technology to their advantage by integrating it with best practices and optimized software to ensuring efficient IT management. In this digital, IT and business go hand in hand; one cannot function fully without the other.


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