A New Way to Make and Deliver Presentations

Dreading to sit through this? You're not the only one.

A new study from online presentation software company, SlideRocket, found that Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most difficult and least engaging pieces of office software. Over 30 percent of respondents reported falling asleep during a Powerpoint presentation. Of those, almost 20 percent have said that they’ve fallen asleep so many times that they’ve lost count.

The survey of over 1,000 working adults found that the most frustrating features of Powerpoint include cxcessive text on slides, boring graphics, lack of analytics, and large file size. This dread and frustration extends to both sides of the presentation, the survey data indicated that 33 percent of respondents dread creating a PowerPoint while 29 percent dread sitting through a PowerPoint presentation.

According to the survey results, Powerpoint presentations are so dreadful that folks would rather do other miserable things than sit through one. Respondents said they would rather do the following miserable activities than sit through a PowerPoint presentation:
o 24 percent would forgo sex tonight
o 21 percent would rather do their taxes
o 20 percent would rather go to the dentist
o 18 percent would rather work on Saturday

Despite Powerpoints bad reputation, presentations are the most commonly used business tool, second only to email, yet the all too common expression “Death by PowerPoint” and these new survey results underscore the fact that it is time to say rest in peace to the old world of presentations and embrace a new way of presenting that engages audiences and brings big ideas to life. If Powerpoint is so awful, is there a better way to make slideshows and presentations? What else is there to do that?

SlideRocket provides professionals the tools they need to present, engage and persuade audiences in any setting. SlideRocket’s interactive capabilities like audio, video, rich media and instant feedback capture the audience’s attention, regardless of time or location. The SlideRocket HTML5 mobile player powers stunning presentations anywhere, from any device, enabling mobile professionals to deliver the perfect pitch with smooth transitions, crystal clear videos and animations that stay true to design.

You can also import your presentations from Powerpoint, access them from anywhere, and even create then online or collaborate on them with your team members. If looking for inspiration when creating a presentation, browse through SlideRocket’s professional presentation gallery to see how a presentation should look like. You can sign up for a free trial or a free version, to invest in the professional package which comes with presentation analytics and web meetings.

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4 thoughts on “A New Way to Make and Deliver Presentations

  1. Bob Gordon

    Are you being paid to advertise this?  The competitor to power point does a study and it’s unquestioned?  I use slide rocket, the paid version and power point, the free version.  Depending on what you’re doing with them the cost/benefit is not so clear cut.  A slide rocket pitch is much more involved to develop and it is not easily communicated to others who aren’t in the room, as in they can’t play it without the software.  Power point on the other hand is easy to build and to ship around, knowing that everyone knows how to access.  There are alot of other puts and takes.  As a viewer, sliderocket can be more compelling or just a power point knockoff, depending on the slide developers, time and aptitude.  In my opinion it’s situation specific as to which is better and largely dependent on the presentator ability to master slide rocket.

    • Ramon Ray

      HI Bob, thanks for taking the time to write and shed insight. NO – we’re not paid to report on this but just reporting on the study as it came out. BUT THANK YOU for providing another perspective!

  2. Lucinda Cross

    Thank you for this information. I do agree power points are a bit boring and could use some action in order to engage the audience.  This is helpful for speakers such as myself who like to make a lasting impression and a memorable one.  I will check out Slide rocket and let you know how it works out for me and my audience.

    Lucinda Cross


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