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With our contact records moving from Rolodexes and address books to online email platforms, sorting and organizing them is something that can easily be forgotten.  Plus, mobile phone upgrades, social network syncing, and job changes can duplicate contacts while making others obsolete. How often do you delete an old contact from you email list, or merge duplicate contacts if you have someone’s work and home emails? Hardly ever. Well, that can change with this week’s app of the week.

Scrubly removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook, Mac, Gmail, or Google Apps contact lists. It will also fix formatting errors, resolve conflicting addresses and phone numbers, and backup for address book for you. Of course, Scrubly doesn’t scrub, or remove, duplicate contacts automatically if you don’t want it to. It does have the option for you to review any duplicates it finds before making any changes. The app also combines compatible contacts, so that coworker who has emailed you from both work and home will be combined into one contact with both emails, instead of two separate contacts.

I used Scrubly personally on my own contact list, and there are actually two different scrubs: the express scrub and the deep scrub. The express scrub simply removes duplicate contacts. The deep scrub is the one that fixes formatting and resolves conflicting information in addition to the duplicate removals. With a list of 1300+ contacts, it took about 10 minutes for Scrubly to do the deep scrub, but only about two minutes to do an express. Although, that could be because in 1300 contacts, I had zero duplicates.

Scrubly has three different pricing structures. The free version allows for unlimited scrubs, but only allows up to 250 contacts. The $9.95 one-time plan allows for unlimited contacts, but only one scrub. The yearly $24.95 plan allows for both unlimited scrubs and unlimited contacts.

“We’re off to an exciting start: Scrubly performs precisely as advertised and early adopters are genuinely enthusiastic over how easy it now is to delete duplicate contact information across Outlook, Mac and Google platforms. This includes smartphones as well, since iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets all sync with Outlook, Mac and Google contacts,” said Bob Thordarson, the CEO of BluCapp, the company behind Scrubly, in a press release. “Now we’re throwing the doors to Scrubly wide open, expecting that soon tens and thousands of consumers with duplicate contacts will soon enjoy the time saving benefits of having a clean address book, regardless of whether they’re using their smartphone, a tablet, Mac or PC.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Glad to see getting recognition, I have been using it since beta and have really enjoyed both the service and the application.


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