Apps Are Powering The Increased Use Of Tablets. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Ones

AT&T says that  the average small business owner carries three mobile devices … things like smartphones, tablets, cell phones, netbooks, data cards … you name it. This according to a just-released survey of small business owners conducted by market research firm Compass Intelligence and commissioned by AT&T.

When small business owners were polled about what makes them successful, not surprisingly, mobility solutions were highly valued because having 24/7 remote connectivity is becoming standard operating procedure. Here are some of the survey highlights:

  • Tablet usage among small businesses is poised to grow dramatically in the near future with 60 percent of small business owners planning to purchase tablet s within the next year, either for themselves or their employees.
  • Right now, small businesses use two to three mobile apps for their regular operations. Most are interested in apps that help them perform daily functions, such as email and mobile banking.
  • 75 percent of survey respondents ranked ease of use as a top priority when selecting an app to install, followed by cost effectiveness, and functionality.

If you want to ensure you are as productive out of the office as in the office ensure that you are buying the right hardware (tablet, notebook and/or smartphone) and that you are running the right software (including apps). Without this powerful combination you won’t be as productive.

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One thought on “Apps Are Powering The Increased Use Of Tablets. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Ones

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