Congratulations – 100 Small Business Influencer 2011 Champions – North America’s Top Small Biz Influencers

The Small Business Influencer 2011 Champions and Honorees List is out!

It’s been a complete honor to to work with the Small Business Trends team to produce the Small Business Influencer 2011 awards. As we write about choosing the winners the process was not easy, but we (the judges – of which I am one) did it.

We’re honored that Research In Motion (RIM) Black Berry, Infusion Soft and Sage continued to show their commitment to small businesses by supporting the Small Business Influencer 2011 Awards.

Please check out the full list of champions and honorees here.

There are about 30 million small businesses in the United States, yet there are only a few hundred companies, individuals, pundits, journalist, bloggers, consultants, gurus (and a few others) who are true INFLUENCERS and CHAMPIONS in the small business community.

We wanted to HONOR these folks. It’s not about revenue. It’s not about how big or small your company is. It’s all about HOW YOU INFLUENCE the small business market.

We do not have an exhaustive list here, but we sure hope we’ve been able to honor MANY!

A special shout out to the technology companies (hello..this is a tech site) who made the list (I’ve also kept a few friends in here! 🙂 ) – great site (who I write for) of all things business (duh)

Armstrong, Mario – one of America’s leading media personalities about business and tech

Bates, Cindy – leads Microsoft’s efforts to reach small businesses

Bellamkonda, Shashi – he’s a GURU of the social media world (and a swell guy to know)

Berry, Tim – Tim invented business planning for the modern age and knows more about business growth than many will ever know

Black Enterprise – leading magazine on business and more (from a Black American perspective)

Borders + Gratehouse – one of the few PR companies who GET small business

Brelsford, Harry – harry is a “Dr.” of success to many IT consultants

Brodsky, Norm – Norm has been educating small businesses through Inc Magazine and in his big office in Brooklyn for years (thanks Norm)

Cisco – if you don’t have a network, you don’t have a business. Period

Citrix Online – need to do a meeting? need remote access to your computer?

Connolly, Joe – Joe is the smartest and only reporter dedicated so long and consistently to  small businesses.

Constant Contact – leaders in email marketing

DeBaise, Colleen – she’s a fire cracker at writing about all things small business

Eberson, Ilana – she”s one of meetups most well connected organizers

Elance – they make it easy to get expert help for your business

Emerson, Melinda – on Twitter she’s smallbizlady (need I say more)

Entrepreneur– great magazine all about entrepreneur’s and the things they love (and hate)

Google – Google’s give small businesses so much storage and online tools that the PC is now changing

Gregory, Alyssa – she’s doing her thing making a “bonfire” for small biz

HP MagCloud – printing magazines is like easier than drinking water with MagCloud

HubSpot– funny I thought Hubspot was a content company that happened to have a product

Intuit – Intuit’s dedication to small business makes them a legend (kudos to Scott Cook and the team)

Jantsch, John – marketing is getting people to know, like and trust you (thanks JJ)

Kukral, Jim– if you want buzz in your brand Jim’s the man

Kurtz, Rod – Rod’s leading the small biz world at AOL and doing a great job

Lawson, John – you’ll laugh and learn when he speaks (so listen and hold on tight)

Lesonsky, Rieva – she’s been writing about small business before Mark Z ever thought of Facebook

Levin, Robert – Rob’s the king of NYC small biz (and maybe more)

Manta – they’re helping local small biz be found

Marks, Gene – he’s a walking encyclopedia of small biz information

Mask, Clate – he’s building the company that will give you time back and still let you make money

McCabe, Laurie – what other analyst lives and breathes small biz like this gal

McCray, Becky – don’t let the cows and horses fool ya – this gal knows small town small biz

Microsoft – Microsoft your a BIG company with a BIG heart for small biz

New York Times – the NYT has some of the best coverage about all things small biz

Nolo – if you want legal insight just check them out

ODesk – need to find “O”utsourced help – ask them

O’Hara, Pamela – her quick smile leads a team of gurus all about segmenting your customer (and more)

OPEN Forum – what other company publishes content about small business and happens to sell credit cards?

PartnerUp – Deluxe has created a vibrant community for us by us

Ploeger, Nancy – With one cup of coffee Nancy leads the fast moving NYC (Manhattan) small biz world

Popick, Janine – Janine’s VR baby continues to help thousands of small biz date their customers through email marketing

Ramberg, JJ – JJ’s sincere knowledge of small businesses is why she’s so good on camera on MSNBC Your Business

Sage – Sage has one of the broadest portfolio’s of products for small businesses

SBA – SBA – thanks for doing your best to help give small biz loans and other free (and fee) programs

SCORE – want to talk to a seasoned business executive for advice?

Shaheen, Jennifer – aka Technology Therapist will tell you more about tech and online than you’ll ever want to know

Simonds, Lauren – this gal is COMMITTED to covering every angle of relevant tech for small biz

Simmons, Michael – his high might intimidate you but that’s only cause he needs room to fit all the entrepreneurial information inside

Startup Nation – doing your gig in some damp basement at home – Startup Nation will give you comfort and hope

Verizon Wireless – not only a great wireless network but also doing much to educated small businesses

Vistaprint – $free.99 for business cards (from Brothatech) – that price can’t be beat (and more!)

Wall Street Journal – Sarah N and the crew at the WSJ keep giving us awesome insight into the small business market


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  1. Becky McCray

    Thanks for the kind words, Ramon. It was absolutely a pleasure to meet you in person this year, and to talk about what small towns and big cities have in common in business. 


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