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Simon Cowell Left American Idol to Launch CRM Idol. But He Did Not Make the Final Cut.

CRM Idol is an initiative of a group of CRM (customer relationship management) experts to review, highlight and eventual award ONE CRM vendor the distinction of CRM idol.

Part of this process is that the judges will review 40 CRM vendors.

What does this mean to you? That over the next few weeks, YOU can get up to speed on some of the best CRM services for your small business.

For up-to-the-minute coverage of the CRM Idol competition, visit the official website.

Founded in 2009, JaguarTPM is a management consulting and systems integration firm focused on CRM and trade promotion management solutions for consumer products companies.

Cofounders John Mazan and Rick Davies bring extensive CPG industry experience in strategy and implementation from leading firms such as IBM, KPMG, and McKinsey & Company.

According to research provided by JaguarTPM, there are approximately 66,000 consumer products firms in the US, employing 14 million people, and accounting for $2.5 trillion in annual revenues. According to various reports, these companies spend anywhere from 10-30% of revenue on trade promotions. JaguarTPM is focusing its efforts on providing small and midsized CPG companies the ability to compete for distributors and retailers with an integrated set of trade promotion management (TPM) and CRM tools larger competitors typically have at their disposal, but at a fraction of the cost of high-end solutions from vendors like Oracle and SAP.

Lack of integrated planning between trade promotion planning, volume forecasting and account management is a key challenge of TPM. Most TPM systems require a substantial investment in human resources and IT. JaguarTPM’s main objective is to bring down barriers to implementing a systematic approach to managing TPM from both a sales promotion and financial management perspective – at the SMB level. Prices start at $150 per user per month.

Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, JaguarTPM leverages account management, contact management and reporting capabilities from that platform, and integrates a complete trade promotions management module specifically for the CPG industry. Their industry template focuses on adding/extending the following capabilities:

  • Account and contact management customized for handling relationships with both distributors and retailers
  • Product Planning at the SKU or product group level
  • Volume Forecasting (performing “what if” analysis for adjustments)
  • Trade Promotion Activity Planning
  • Integrated trade promotion with forecasting
  • Merchandise retail execution (information on how retailers place/showcase products)
  • Distributor Portal integrated with Dynamics CRM to allow distribution partners capability to provide depletion information back to manufacturer allowing for more accurate forecasting

The company is currently working on a customer service extension called JaguarQ. The extension will not only manage the quality of product delivery to distributors and retailers, but also look at consumer side service. JaguarQ will take into account lot number, and the product location. If a call comes in and says something was wrong with a product, (e.g. found a product defect) a set of workflows will kick off to see who needs to be contacted and what procedures need to be followed.

Additionally, the company is exploring the concept of having QR codes as part of the packaging so that someone can take a picture, send it in, which will allow users to tell how the product got there, when it got there, where it is in the distribution channel, and how long it’s been there.

JaguarTPM can be deployed as an on-premise solution, or over the cloud. Originally, the company looked at building their solution on top of “cloud-only” solutions, but some of their larger customers preferred the option of having an on-premise or a cloud-based service.

Although it is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner, JaguarTPM does not target Dynamics CRM customers, and doesn’t focus its business on reselling Microsoft products. JaguarTPM also don’t look to Microsoft as a channel for leads. Due to their experience and expertise, they view themselves as a TPM/CRM solution for CPG, and not primarily as a reseller.

Even though Oracle and SAP are the main players in the space, particularly at the high end of the CPG market, JaguarTPM’s price point should be attractive to companies growing their product catalogue and distributor/retailer network. Educating the SMB market, in addition to providing an integrated CRM/TPM solution will be key to JaguarTPM building a successful niche in this area.

Also, JaguarTPM believes more CPG manufacturers view social networking as an interesting avenue to create opportunities for direct conversations with consumers to offer trade promotions to them. Tighter integration with social media will provide for richer conversations between vendors and consumers enabling vendors and retailers to better manage promotional dollars. This would allow manufacturers to gain valuable customer insights in order to create more attractive products and offerings to distribute. JaguarTPM sees this as a potential selling point that could drive interest at the SMB level for an integrated approach to CRM and TPM.

JaguarTPM’s deep experience and expertise in the CPG space, coupled with its focus on small and mid-sized organizations, is a combination worth paying attention to. The solution makes it possible for smaller manufacturers to have a much better handle on trade promotion activities, as well as a better system for managing key relationships with distributors and retailers. And as their need to spread promotion dollars into more products over a wider distribution network, JaguarTPM’s integrated approach to this challenge should make it an option worth considering.

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