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The first two steps in how TalentBin works. Of course, it ends in you contacting the candidate.

Approximately 50 percent of jobs are filled through referrals. Naturally, employers fast-track job candidates who are recommended by current employees. Current employees can advise if the candidate would be a good fit for a company and if the person is currently seeking a position in the first place. However, the hard part has always been getting your employees to refer people in the first place. Now, that’s even easier with this week’s App of the Week: TalentBin.

TalentBin documents everyone in your company’s into a software format. By connecting to the Facebook and LinkedIn network of your employees, or best clients, or investors, you can use TalentBin to be proactive in your referral recruiting.

“Referral recruiting has been successful for two reasons,” said Peter Kazanjy, founder of TalentBin. “One, employees know the requirements for the role and two, they know the company and have a nuanced understanding of their own network.”

Even though it’s so successful, it’s really hard to get done because your employees, investors, and clients have their own jobs and responsibilities to worry about. Digging up someone to refer to that newly-created marketing position is just low in priority. Also, in spite of the fact that unemployment, it’s still really difficult to fill positions. TalentBin overcomes this problem.

All you, or a hiring manager, has to do is sign up for TalentBin, send a link via email to everyone you want to include, and let those who wish to opt-in do so. Then, TalentBin pulls the resume information from all those connections and networks, giving you, or your hiring manager, plenty of contacts to search across. Next, conduct a keyword search through these contacts to find the person you need. Once you find someone, you can get in touch with the employee who knows that person, and see if a connection can be made.

“Referral recruiting is a low cost way to hire,” Kazanjy said. “You’re exploiting an asset you already have by creating a collective rolodex and harnessing the collective power of your employee network.”

TalentBin is still new, as it currently has 50 companies in beta testing (although this testing does include companies such as Evernote, eBay, and ModCloth). Evernote has successfully found two candidates, while ModCloth is about to make an offer to someone found by using the referral recruiting powers of TalentBin.

“Your employees are quality folks, and are in proximity to other quality folks,” Kazanjy said. “Referral recruiting is powerful. The technology is just not there yet.”

Until now, with TalentBin, the App of the Week.

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