Cloud Computing – The Risks and Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud computing offers small businesses a superb solution for all their data storage needs. By providing an off-site data storage option many companies and businesses can save a lot of money that they normally would have to invest in expensive servers and other equipment in order to store their data safely and securely.
It provides you with an excellent way to store share and access your data and files anytime, anywhere. Unlike with your own server system there is no limit to the amount of data you can store and probably the best thing of all is that you only have to pay for the cloud services when you use them.

This is potentially a great money-saving option for small and medium sized businesses. Owning your personal data center for your company is not only very expensive but also it occupies a lot of space and if it has not been used to its full capacity on a daily basis, it’s difficult to justify the large investment (learn why at By paying for what you need for data storage, cloud computing offers a better long-term solution that saves you money.

However, like other technologies, cloud computing also has few drawbacks that some businesses may also be concerned about. The number one concern amongst people is the level of security offered by the cloud systems. Although the companies offering the cloud services maintain that the data will be safe and secure there have been some hacking incidents recently that highlight that this is not the case all of the time

Another concern is the guarantee of accessibility. If there is a technical problem at the cloud facility will you still be able to access all of your data and files? This can be a crucial issue especially if your business relies on the data access 24/7, with the cloud server down this could cause you many problems so you would need to employ a fail-safe option and use a cross-cloud backup system which would enable you to access your data if a problem occurred.

Also, the access to your data relies on your own Internet connection. Meaning if there is a problem with your connection, it would also be difficult to connect to the cloud system.
Cloud computing is still a fairly new technology and it is possible that many of the concerns will be addressed in the future in order to provide a more stable and secure solution. Certainly, it offers your business good value with its flexible and convenient service and it is surely worth considering if you have a small or medium sized business.

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