Social Media Management Tools Keep Updating: So Be Informed

If you are using the interface of, or to manage your social media engagement and interaction. You’re not maximizing the complete experience.

You’ll have a better experience and be able to better manage your social media connections if you use social media tools such as HootSuite, Postling, TweetDeck and other tools that I’m probably not thinking of right now.

HootSuite recently did some improvements to its interface to enable you to manage Facebook much better.

Wall in the Stream

Monitor and manage any Facebook newsfeed directly in a HootSuite streams. Customize with columns for photos, videos, news, groups, and events alongside your profiles and pages.

Photo Fun

Make an impact by posting photos directly to Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups – not just a link, this enhanced functionality allows you to choose and upload your file.

Brand Specific

Improve your monitoring and posting by filtering Facebook streams to view content from selected users. Plus, new Facebook Search capabilities allow you to search all public posts and save as streams for constant monitoring of keywords and terms.

Profile Party

Managing a bucket of pages? Easily pick your profiles with an updated Profile Picker allowing you to set favorites, select default profiles and enjoy auto-complete functionality for faster selection.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Management Tools Keep Updating: So Be Informed

  1. Arthur Charles Van Wyk

    I have been trying to get my head around Hootsuite for a while now, and I want to use the free version for at least 6 months before I start paying, and I will eventually pay becos we’re an agency and have multiple parties managing the agency’s social media profiles.

    Where can I find a manual that explains how to use hootsuite? Preferable a PDF document I can have open on screen whilst I navigate Hootsuite.

    • Aim Social

      I disagree massively with the statements made in your recent article…”Social media Campaigns Are Dead”  We have worked with clients who need to push an event and need to reach out as wide as possible as quickly as possible with engaging content and feedback….this is absolutely campaign based with a finite amount of time to achieve and clearly marked objectives, and fully in the social media territory…What I do agree with is that social media is much more than twitter, facebook, linkedin. It is marketing in its traditional sense (communicating) but it is often as much about engaging, and this is not really what traditional marketing is all about…traditional is usually very much one way, and I am unsure if you truly see the subtlety that is contained within social media marketing from this article.


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