Survey Results: CMS Interfaces, Cloud Computing Services

check boxFinally, after weeks and weeks of surveys, we have the first set of results analyzed and ready to be revealed. These weekly surveys are meant to gauge the interests and habits of our readers, so we can better serve you with content that’s tailored to your technology needs and interests. As demonstrated by the CMS results, no point on having articles on Drupal or Joomla, but maybe articles on the benefits of blogging, or on the best WordPress plugins, might better serve you and your small business needs.

Getting to the results of our survey about cloud services, it looks like a mixed bag among which services are being used, and how many of our readers have begun to adopt cloud computing in some fashion. These show us that cloud services, no matter the type of service, are of importance to our readers. will be continuing coverage of any and all aspects of cloud computing.

CMS Interfaces Survey Results:

Which CMS Interface Do You Use for Your Company Blog?

WordPress – 50%

Blogspot – 0%

Joomla – 0%

Drupal – 0%

Other – 12%

We don’t have a company blog – 38%

Cloud Services Survey Results:

How does your business utilize cloud-based services, or cloud computing (click all that apply)?

Storage/Backup – 50%

SaaS (Software as a Service) – 62%

Cloud Hosting – 38%

Scalable Services – 12%

Shared Data Sets – 25%

Other – 25%

We do not use any cloud-based services – 12%

Each week’s survey can be found on the homepage on the right hand side. This week’s survey is on tablets, and although it’s Friday, there’s still time if you’d like to participate.

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