Track Your Time on the Go with the OfficeTime App

Have trouble tracking your time, or the time of your employees? This can be especially difficult if you and your employees are always on the go, or are coming in and out of the office. How much time did you spend meeting with that client? How much time was devoted to working on one project versus the other? Keep track of all that with OfficeTime.

OfficeTime is a time-tracking software that is now available for the iPhone and iPad. This makes it easier for small businesses to track time while in, and out, of the office. The apps cost $7.99, while the Mac/PC versions cost $47. Both of these are one-time fees, and the Mac/PC versions both have a 21-day free trial.

Before getting the apps, it’s recommended to small businesses get the Mac/PC versions, or at least the free trial, to learn how to use the interface first. It’s actually very easy to use, and comes with a short tutorial to show you how to use it. OfficeTime also comes with a Tip of the Day, so each and every day, you can learn how to use OfficeTime to improve productivity and to keep track of time. This program is perfect for those who wish to manage projects instead of people.

“The greatest advantage of OfficeTime is that by being simple to use, people catch more billable hours and it pays for itself in the first day of use,” said Stephen Dodd, president of OfficeTime. “We’re so confident in OfficeTime’s value to our customers that we’re willing to extend to them a full money back guarantee, even for the iPhone/iPad version, if they don’t experience increased productivity through accurate time tracking.”

The iOS version of OfficeTime includes most of the features available in the desktop versions, including:

·         One-touch Reports – with a simple tap, users get instant access to information on time and expenses for each project, and compare the activities of the current month to previous ones.

·         Tools for freelancers and contract employees – freelancers can quickly track their billable hours and spot-check to see how they stack-up against a fixed cost estimate and employees can easily track and report their productivity.

·         Team Reporting – Employees’ recorded time and expenses can be synced from their iPhones or iPads to their Macs or PCs and combined with the entire team’s data to produce cross-team reports on who did what and which projects are under or over budget.

·         Wireless Sync – Time and expenses can be entered in the desktop or mobile version, and OfficeTime will automatically synchronize the data.

·         Export to Excel or Numbers – Any report, any screen can be easily exported by e-mail

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