Elance Introduces Apps to Improve the Productivity of Online Workers

Elance HomepageTwo weeks ago, Elance introduced a new suite of applications called My Apps to make it easier for online workers to get their work done and easier for them to communicate with their clients. These new apps include video conferencing, to do lists, and screen sharing tool Join.me. Those who do coding and web development will also be able to use Codesion, a tool that helps people manage bug tracking and code versioning.

I’ve been an Elance user for over a year, and I think the to do lists are a great idea. Sometimes, a job consists of multiple articles or steps, so the to do lists make it easy to keep track of those. It’s also a great tool if a job has multiple providers, as a to do list cna make it easier to assign specific tasks and for everyone to see who is supposed to do what. Also, members can create a to do list for each of their jobs.

I specifically don’t have a need for video conferencing, but this tool makes it easier to get in touch with your clients or contractors instead of having to use email or the messaging tool. This is a great tool for those who like a personal touch to their interactions with clients and contractors. It could also be cheaper than using a cell phone or Skype, especially if you need to contact someone in another country.

Smallbiztechnology.com will have an article about Join.me coming up in a few weeks, but in the meantime, Join.me is a nifty way to have screen sharing sessions. It’s makes presentations, webinars, and product design discussion very easy. It could also turn into a great tech support tool. Discussing tech problems over the phone is very difficult, but can be made easier if we’re able to show the technician what the problem is, what message keeps coming up. Essentially, Join.me is a way show what’s happening on the screen without screen shots or needing to be in front of the same screen at the same time.

For full details of the new Elance changes, visit the Release Notes. Other changes on Elance include:

European Invoice Compliance

  • If clients are from European Economic Area (“EEA”), special rules will apply to ensure proper compliance with the EEA regulation.
  • Contractors must complete necessary billing & payment information such as address and business name before submitting a proposal for jobs posted by clients in the EEA.

Other Improvements

  • When multiple contractors are assigned to the same workroom, each contractor can now track his or her “Other Hours” separately.
  • Users can find special offers only available to Elance members by going to Resources > Special Offers.


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