No Servers. No Software: 10 Ways Cloud Computing Can Benefit Growing Businesses (and What To Be Careful Of) [Video]

Renée Schmidt of Madison Technology discusses the ways that cloud computing can benefit a business, and the ways that don’t. Schmidt is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations, business development, and business strategy at Madison Technology, a local provider of enterprise-grade Managed Hosting and Full-Lifecycle IT Services.  Madison Technology’s highly-sophisticated team of certified senior field-service engineers, technicians and network engineers are cross-trained on all technology platforms and ready to meet the IT needs of today’s small businesses.  In addition to a wide range of Full Life-cycle IT services, Madison Technology’s specialties include: Cloud Computing, Business Continuity, and Off-Site Data Backup.  Prior to forming Madison Technology as a founding partner, Schmidt spent five years working in the field of Corporate Finance as a liaison to new and existing bank clients, where she was responsible for sourcing, underwriting, structuring and closing over $1 billion of transactions to-date.

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One thought on “No Servers. No Software: 10 Ways Cloud Computing Can Benefit Growing Businesses (and What To Be Careful Of) [Video]

  1. Michael Allen

    Just make sure the cloud app you’re choosing considers the scope of your entire business and gives you room for growth.

    Many SMBs pick up 3+ separate, non-integrated apps to manage things like contacts, sales, projects, support, etc. As they grow they need more out of their systems and the lack of integration forces businesses to keep data spread through multiple applications that don’t even communicate. This effects reporting, workflows, efficiency, and how much you’re handing out each month on software costs.

    A business can be much better off with a single solution that takes a business’ full operations into account, while leaving room for growth. WORKetc is a great example: it puts CRM, project management, billing, and other tools into one web based app. Under this solution alone businesses are capable of managing all business operations, while keeping all business data in one place, and running reports on all aspects of business management. The entire client lifecycle is managed centrally, and you can track every aspect of your relationships.

    You can read about it here: http:/


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