Stop Wasting Your Customer Receipts – Make A Custom Sale With Each One

There is ONE thing that retailers always give to their customers, other than their change and the product they ordered. They also give them a receipt. Most of the time this receipt just lists what you ordered , the cost and maybe some contact information.

SmartReceipt has a WAY COOL solution that connects to your existing Point of Sale solution to allow you to provide each customer with a custom receipt, depending on what they’ve ordered.

For example, a customer orders a burrito for dinner, and the restaurant is promoting a new breakfast menu, so the receipt could include a discount for the new breakfast burrito. The receipt might also add about the purchase, “Next time you can ask for no guacamole and forego 100 calories and 9g of fat.” Or if it was MY receipt, I’d say, “next time ask for more guacamole and really enjoy your meal” (I’m NOT PC).

Receipts are VERY low tech – but being able to leverage the real estate on the “lowly” receipt and provide more sales  information to your customer might raise your profit and return customer rate a few percentage points this holiday season – and all of the rest of 2012.


2 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Your Customer Receipts – Make A Custom Sale With Each One

  1. Anonymous

    Ramon, thanks for the post.  I’m the President of SmartReceipt and appreciate your blog.   Like you said, receipts are a pretty cool way to generate revenue and guest frequency for a very low cost and using a proven distribution medium.  While the receipt is very low tech, by their very nature being a piece of paper, the targeting capabilities and analytics are quite sophisticated when you factor the purchase details into the offer.  In many ways SmartReceipt wants to help bridge the gap between digital and print media, and our software has these capabilities.

    Thanks again,


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