Yahoo’s Small Business Chief Says It’s a Great Time To Start A Business

There are 3 kinds of people walking around the streets of Queens, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Denver and hundreds of other cities in this great country.

There are those who own small businesses, those who work for big businesses, those who are not employed. There are also those who are working for big businesses and wish they were not and those who are working for big businesses and soon will be let go.

Whichever category you are in, this is a GREAT time for starting a business, as I discussed with Yahoo’s General Manager of small business Tom Byun.

There has never been a time like “today” when their as so many tools and services, many low cost and free, that small businesses can capitalize on to test the wasters of entrepreneurship.

The risks are low and the rewards can be very great. While most companies are NOT going to be the next Facebook or Google (both created only in the last few years and from pure coding and largely word of mouth), their is an equal chance for a smart entrepreneur to leverage the tools of the Internet to reach customers and sell something them.

You need not be a computer programmer to do this. Maybe you sell products like T-shirts or jewelry such as Yahoo customer’s or These products and many others are great for selling online.

Yahoo has a range of products to help your business grow online – these include Web hosting, ecommerce, business email and more. Yahoo also has a treasure trove of great content and advice in their “ideas and advice” section (or Yahoo Small Business Advisor) which covers a variety of business topics, tools and tips.

If you’re new to using online tools – don’t fear – Tom and his team are standing by to help. If you’re an online guru and willing to learn more, Tom’s team has lots to show you as well.



One thought on “Yahoo’s Small Business Chief Says It’s a Great Time To Start A Business


    Seems a bit simplistic to suggest selling t-shirts and/or jewelry as a way to counter unemployment.  And the fact that Yahoo offers ecommerce solutions and other tools for selling online makes the article seem all the more self-serving. 


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