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I’ve never been a big fan of those online accounting programs. They’ve always been difficult to use, and none of them have my bank (this week’s App of the Week is not exception). However, Manilla has been surprisingly easy to use, and might change my mind about this using on online accounting program. In just no time, I was able to create a free account (it’s an app that’s completely free), and add a few of my financial and household account in no time at all, on this week’s App of the Week.

Manilla allows users to add the accounts of over 1,200 different providers. This includes all major credit cards and cell phone carriers, as well as many major regional and national banks. Small business users may find it handy that they can also add their utilities providers, insurance provider, and any loyalty programs with airlines, hotels, or rent-a-car vendors. Although not quite a business expense, users can also add magazine subscriptions and cable accounts.

Once the accounts have been added and verified, Manilla lists the outstanding balances and links to the providers site so you can pay the bill online. Users also have the choice of viewing the bill or statement and then printing them out for their own purposes. Users are also notified immediately on the dashboard if there’s a new bill or statement, so there’s no need to worry about the bill coming in the mail or losing the statement in piles of papers.

The only downside to Manilla is that there aren’t any of the business and software programs in the mix. A small business owner can’t add the account, or the Constant Contact account, or the Freshbooks account. Those charges can still be seen on the credit card or bank statements, but adding those accounts for small business users would make it easier for them to see when those charges take place and to keep the books accurately. This would be a much better solution that having to remember to look for those charges and make sure they’ve been charged correctly.

Manilla is still in beta testing, so these accounts might be something for them to consider in the future. After all, those 1,200 providers are not exclusive, and Manilla is in the works of partnering with many more popular companies. The app is also available on iPhone and Android as well as online, so small business owners can check these accounts on the go as well. That’s a good thing, especially regarding those travel accounts. Perhaps with this week’s App of the Week, I might become an online accounting fan.

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