Four Things To Look For In A Good Email Server

All growing businesses host their email using an email server as opposed to

Some might use a hosted Microsoft Exchange server from Cbeyond, Rackspace or some other company.

Others might use a server from Google (Google Apps), Zoho, Yahoo (not with the email domain but hosting your company branded email!) or a variety of other solutions.

While many businesses are hosting their email in hosted email servers (not on premise servers) many are choosing to host their email on premise, in their offices.

Whichever solution you choose here are a few things to look for in your email server:

1. Ensure your email server is secure from hackers and spam. Part of this includes properly configuring the server to transfer files using one of these packages and it also ensuring that the email server provider has created the server, from the ground up, to be secure.

2. Ensure easy and full feature remote access to all email on a variety of devices.

3. Ensure relative easy integration with 3rd party calendar or contact systems you might want to use.

4. If your company is likely to grow in the coming months or years ensure your email server can grow with you. Maybe it handles 10 users just fine, but does it slow down and crumble at 50 users?

If you would like to consider an on premise email solution, one to consider is Kerio. I’ve used Kerio for a number of years (in another life) and the support is awesome and it works quite well.

Kevin Klein, founder and CEO, 318 Inc., a Santa Monica, California-based technology solutions company and a Kerio Preferred Partner, said that Kerio significantly lowers the licensing costs of Exchange and has better deployment options than Google.

Kerio recently updated it’s email platform and some of the new features include:

Ready for Apple iOS

Simplifies and speeds up the setup of iOS devices with a new Configuration Profile for easy set-up of Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Those using iOS 5 with the new iPhone 4S or iPad will take advantage of new calendaring, task synchronization and encryption features.

Kerio Outlook Connector for 64-bit Microsoft Outlook

Users who prefer Microsoft Outlook as their default email and calendar client can confidently use 64-bit versions of both Outlook and Microsoft Office with the new Kerio Outlook Connector.

Encrypted email simplified

Kerio Connect has greatly simplified the process of sending encrypted email from desktop email clients or smartphones. Users no longer need to exchange public encryption keys to send an encrypted or digitally signed email.

3 thoughts on “Four Things To Look For In A Good Email Server

  1. Jeffery Hallett

    We’ve deployed Kerio Connect to several of our clients over the last few months and it’s so easy to install and setup. While it works on Windows servers, we put it on CentOS Linux. Simple and it runs like lightning. Even did one install remotely. Had a 20-user office up and running in under two hours. Highly recommended.

  2. Anonymous

    Being a Kerio Connect host, we can totally confirm that Kerio is a TOP contender in the groupware space! runs all our Kerio Connect servers on VMWare and CentOS.

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with Ramon that these are the key factors in the email
    decision.  The great thing about Exchange
    is that it’s available as an on premises server or as an online service offered
    directly from Microsoft for just $5 per user/month. This means small businesses
    can get business-class email with the deployment option that works best for them.  Forrester Research also has a helpful buying
    guide on email that’s worth checking out –  How to Choose
    the Right Email Solution for Your Business. 
    –Kady Dundas, Microsoft Corp


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