Most Of Your Customers Have Smart Phones. Should You Advertise There?

You know that most all of your customers have a smart phone.

As you’re trying to figure out ways to reach new customers and engage potential customers one of the platforms that many businesses are not tapping into is advertising on smart phones.

Small businesses are clearly on board with online marketing overall, but interest in mobile is up sharply, according to Ad-ology Research. More than 20 percent of small business decision-makers say they plan to commit more resources to mobile marketing in 2012, up from the 12 percent who said the same last year.

Smartphone advertising could include advertising on mobile web sites that are frequented by mobile users. Advertising could also take the form of txting customers (or potential customers) who have given you permission to text them.

“Marketing opportunities using mobile devices are rapidly emerging just as they did for the Internet many years ago,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research. “Small business owners are increasingly connected themselves and recognize mobile as a viable way to effectively and efficiently reach potential customers,” Smith said.

Mobile advertising is not for every business, however, it’s something every business might want to consider.

Consider a) who your current customers are and if you should reach them on their cell phones b) who are your prospective customers and should you reach them in a mobile environment.

If you decide to leverage more mobile advertising, you can then work with an expert in mobile advertising to help you come up with a strategy and plan of action to boost sales.


One thought on “Most Of Your Customers Have Smart Phones. Should You Advertise There?

  1. Anonymous

    Mobile marketing used properly offers the opportunity to target messaging to an unprecedented level given the personal nature of mobile devices. An opt-in from each mobile user is necessary from them to receive incoming messages from vendors. Consequently, in order for mobile to work, it must be promoted using other marketing communications so customers are made aware that they can receive communications on their mobile devices. I agree that every business should be aware of their options including text messaging, mobile enabled websites, using QR codes, mobile apps, etc.


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