Survey Results: Data Backup, Smartphones, Wireless Wonders

check boxIt’s certainly been a while since we’ve announced the results of our weekly surveys, but here are the results to three of our recent polls: data backup, smartphones, and wireless wonders. These polls give insight into the needs and behaviors of our readers so we can provide content that better meets those needs. This week’s survey is on decluttering the work space, which can be found on the right-hand side of the webpage.

Data Backup Survey Results:

40% of small and mid-sized businesses don’t backup their data. Where do you fall?

We’re in the 40% that doesn’t backup our data. – 13%

We don’t backup our data, but are planning to do so. – 0%

We back up our data using a cloud-based service. – 40%

We back up our data using external hard drives and CDs. – 47%

Analysis: It’s really surprising that no one is in the “planning to back up” category, especially since there’s plenty of risk in not backing up your data at all. We would have hoped that more of our readers would be taking steps to eliminate those risks. We do commend the majority of our readers that do back up their data in some shape or form. Perhaps we could do an overview of the cloud-based services out there, along with a discussion of making a transition from hard drives and CDs to a cloud-based service.

Smarphone Survey Results:

Which smartphone do you use to conduct business?

iPhone – 27%

Blackberry – 15%

Android – 40%

Other – 3%

I don’t have a smartphone. – 15%

Analysis: We definitely want to do more coverage of apps and other techniques to help make smartphones a more productive part of conducting business. This information tells us which platforms are most popular with our readers, and gives us an idea of which cell phone apps to look at. We do have our App of the Week column on Fridays, but they haven’t necessarily been cell phones apps (although, any of the ones we’ve featured do come with a mobile option).

Wireless Wonders Survey Results:

Sure, most people use cell phones and laptops. But, what other wireless devices have you used for business purposes?

Wireless Scanner – 15%

Tablets – 38%

Wireless Printing – 46%

Analysis: It’s also surprising to learn that so many of our readers already use wireless printing. The purpose of the survey was to see what other technologies could cover. We’ve covered tablets, but haven’t touched upon wireless printing or scanning quite yet.

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2 thoughts on “Survey Results: Data Backup, Smartphones, Wireless Wonders

  1. Anonymous

    Allison, your survey has some very interesting results that are consistent with our own research at Symantec, which found that less than half of SMBs back up their data weekly or more frequently and only 23 percent back up daily. When you consider that the media cost of downtime for an SMB is $12,500 per day, there’s a whole lot more at risk than just losing data – the risk of going out of business. Clearly, there is still room for education on the importance of backup and data protection. What SMBs need is choice when it comes to data protection and today’s backup solutions include software, cloud services and appliances that are designed specifically for smaller companies that may not have the IT staff to manage, buy and build backup technology solutions themselves.
    Chris Halcon


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