Tech Thursday (Nov 17) – KnowledgeVision, GFI Software, SugarSync, InterCall, Constant Contact

KnowledgeVision Unveils KVStudio 4.0 for Online Video Presentations

GFI WebMonitor™ Strengthens SMB Defenses Against Online Threats with New Security Features

Share Files of Any Size While Eliminating Email Attachments with SugarSync for Outlook

InterCall Begins Provisioning of Integrated Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Office 365

New Research from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey Highlights Need for Brands to Engage in Consumers on Social Media

KnowledgeVision Unveils KVStudio 4.0 for Online Video Presentations

Fastest and easiest way for businesses to create, share and track video online presentation content; 30-day trial offers innovative “coaching” model

San Francisco, Calif.KnowledgeVision Systems today announced the availability of KVStudio 4.0, a new version of its powerful video online presentation creation tool. KVStudio 4.0 streamlines the process of learning and using the world’s most powerful and flexible online presentation platform. In addition, the company has announced a 30-day trial program that will allow qualified content creators to see for themselves the power of KnowledgeVision on their online presentation projects. The company began demonstrating the new software and service at the Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.

KnowledgeVision’s subscription-based software and cloud-based service serves the world’s growing need for on-demand and live knowledge by creating rich, engaging presentations that synchronize video or audio, PowerPoint and other images, just-in-time footnotes and virtual handouts into interactive presentation experiences. Its creation tool, KVStudio, puts extraordinary flexibility in the hands of a content producer to produce both on-demand and live presentations, with either video or audio narration, in custom-designed player templates, and even incorporating live web pages as part of the presentation sequence.

“There is a growing demand for video in today’s business world. It is an ideal way to share knowledge and influence colleagues, partners and customers,” said KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich. “KVStudio 4.0 is the most powerful and flexible content creation tool on the market, yet it’s exceptionally easy to learn and use. There is no special training required to use its basic features, and all the power of KnowledgeVision’s many power-user options are just a mouse-click away.”

GFI WebMonitor™ Strengthens SMB Defenses Against Online Threats with New Security Features

Website “safeness” ratings and malicious URL blacklisting among new features that provide an added layer of security for small and medium businesses

Clearwater, Fla. – GFI Software today announced that GFI WebMonitor now includes new security and anti-malware features that enable small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to provide employee Internet access without sacrificing network protection. The latest version of GFI WebMonitor provides SMB IT administrators with additional layers of defense to identify dangerous websites and threats before they can cause any harm to a PC or network.

“SMBs walk a fine line when it comes to balancing employee Internet access with the security risks it creates,” said Phil Bousfield, general manager, Infrastructure Business Unit, GFI Software. “The Internet is one of the most valuable tools SMBs have at their disposal, but without a strong security strategy and a thorough understanding of how and where threats originate, it can pose significant risks to their networks. GFI WebMonitor’s powerful new security features address that challenge by providing the tools IT admins and employees need to make better, safer decisions while online.”

Combined with GFI WebMonitor’s detection and filtering capabilities, the new security features make it easier for administrators to control Internet access and identify malicious websites and infected content. This is especially important in today’s SMB environment, as recent GFI survey data gathered by polling expert Opinion Matters found that 40% of SMBs have experienced a security breach as a result of employees navigating to a site that hosted malware. Additionally, more than half (55%) of SMBs that use a web monitoring solution indicate that defense against infected websites is not their main priority. These findings illustrate a lack of awareness about the important role web monitoring software plays in network protection and demonstrate that companies are not taking full advantage of these solutions.

“GFI WebMonitor is our preferred web monitoring solution because of its built-in security features,” said Derek J. Tottle, ICT manager, Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ). “GFI WebMonitor seamlessly integrates flexible Internet usage policies with customizable file download policies, virus scanning policies and powerful reporting tools, which together, allow us to implement comprehensive security policies with true peace of mind. And when combined with GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials, we are equipped with a powerful three-pronged approach to manage and mitigate risk in today’s online world.”

Share Files of Any Size While Eliminating Email Attachments with SugarSync for Outlook

SugarSync for Outlook Enables Users to Share Files from Any Computer via Links from the Cloud

SAN MATEO, CALIF. – SugarSync, the Cloud storage, sync and share company, today introduced SugarSync for Outlook, the easiest way for both individuals and businesses to share large files using the Cloud from within an email. With SugarSync for Outlook, users can easily:
• Share files via links from within an email, eliminating large attachments and saving email storage space
• Generate and share links to files from remote computers that are synced to SugarSync
• Backup all shared files to SugarSync from within Outlook
• Easily track the number of times a file you’ve shared is downloaded, and control shared files with the ability to disable SugarSync links anytime
• Rely on SugarSync to automatically share all files via links every time you try to send an attachment, or just when the files are too big
“Despite our reliance on email for communications, email remains an inefficient way of sharing files. In today’s digital world, file size continues to increase – and most corporate email servers limit the size of attachments, thus limiting what you can share via email,” said Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync. “SugarSync for Outlook removes the barriers to what you can share via email. By creating unique SugarSync links for your files directly from within an email, SugarSync for Outlook lets you share files of any size, and even from any remote computer that is synced via SugarSync – not just the computer you are currently using.”

Eliminate Bulky File Attachments
Say goodbye to attachment issues from large files such as videos or presentations! Send files via lightweight SugarSync links instead, generated directly from within Outlook. The recipients of SugarSync links do not need to be SugarSync customers – they simply click the link and the file downloads. And because you are sharing files via links instead of large attachments, you save email storage space, thus eliminating those annoying messages from IT telling you that your mailbox has exceeded its limit.

InterCall Begins Provisioning of Integrated Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Office 365

Also Achieves Distinguished Microsoft Gold Unified Communications Competency Based on Depth of Expertise, Service and Support

CHICAGO  – InterCall, the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, announced today that it has completed beta testing and can begin provisioning North American customers with Microsoft Lync Online integrated with the Reservationless-Plus® audio conferencing platform.  InterCall also becomes the only audio conferencing partner currently able to provide an integrated solution for Lync Online to EMEA region businesses.

Lync Online is provided in Office 365, which brings versions of Microsoft’s most trusted communication and collaboration tools into a cloud environment.  Office 365, offered by InterCall, delivers the power of cloud productivity with InterCall’s industry-leading audio conferencing solution seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive conferencing and productivity solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

This development coincides with InterCall’s recent achievement of a Gold Unified Communications Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.  To earn a Microsoft Gold Competency, organizations must complete a rigorous set of tests to prove their level of technology expertise, have at least four Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff, submit customer references and demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction.

“This achievement highlights our dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service, training and support,” said Bob Wise, Executive Vice President of InterCall Unified Communications Services.  “Our investment in integrating audio conferencing with Microsoft Office 365 provides a valuable offering in our expanding suite of cloud-based services.”

New Research from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey Highlights Need for Brands to Engage in Consumers on Social Media

Study of Consumer Behavior on Twitter® Echoes Facebook® Research; Shows Followers More Likely to Buy, Recommend

WALTHAM, Mass.–Consumers who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to both buy and recommend those brands’ products, according to a new study of consumer behavior on Twitter conducted by Constant Contact®, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey. The study’s key findings echo a previous study conducted by the two companies of consumer behavior on Facebook, and also revealed that more consumers are turning to Twitter to connect with their favorite brands: one-third of brand followers surveyed reported interacting with brands more this year than they did last year.

“It’s also important to realize that consumers are selective—they really want the inside scoop about the brands they follow. Social media platforms like Facebook, and increasingly Twitter, offer companies an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage.”

“For brands, simply broadcasting content and talking at consumers doesn’t fly anymore. Consumers want more than just good content; they want interactive content. And they don’t just want to hear from brands; they want to be heard and acknowledged by the real people behind the brands. More than ever, marketing is about building relationships, and Twitter is a great channel for this type of two-way interaction,” said Mark Schmulen, general manager of social media, Constant Contact. “Similar to what we saw in our previous study of behavior on Facebook, the quality of relationships between brands and consumers on Twitter is high. Consumers are selective as to which brands they follow, but they are extremely loyal to those that they do follow. Consumers are both more likely to buy and recommend products from a brand they follow on Twitter.”

“The research confirms that Twitter, while still early in its lifecycle, is growing as a tool for consumers to connect with brands. Nearly half of those who reported using Twitter have been doing so for less than a year, and a third of brand followers reported using the tool to connect with brands more than ever before,” said Kristen Garvey, vice president of marketing, Chadwick Martin Bailey. “It’s also important to realize that consumers are selective—they really want the inside scoop about the brands they follow. Social media platforms like Facebook, and increasingly Twitter, offer companies an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage.”

The study analyzed the behavior of 1,491 consumers ages 18 and older throughout the United States and revealed ten key facts:

1) 60% of brand followers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following them on Twitter (tweet this)

2) 50% of brand followers are more likely to buy from a brand after following them on Twitter (tweet this)

3) Consumers follow brands on Twitter for exclusivity, promotions and to be “in the know” (tweet this)

4) 50% of consumers on Twitter go online more than once an hour (tweet this)

5) Nearly half of consumers on Twitter have been tweeting less than one year (tweet this)

6) 79% of consumers on Twitter follow fewer than 10 brands (tweet this)

7) 75% of consumers have never “un-followed” a brand on Twitter (tweet this)

8) One-third of brand followers are interacting with brands more this year than last (tweet this)

9) Consumers on Twitter read posts from brands much more than they tweet about brands (tweet this)

10) Consumers on Twitter under age 35 are more likely to follow brands than older users (tweet this)


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