Tech & Your Biz: How Boosted M-Commerce Sales 270%

mobile commerceIf you still think that a mobile site can’t get your business anywhere, then think again. Wall decor retailer, released its mobile site in August 2011. In just a few short months, the results have been short of a phenomenon.

Year over year, there has been an increase in mobile sales of nearly 270 percent, plus an increase in site visits by more than 200 percent in mobile visitors. To date, the number of mobile sales grew 300 percent, with a 100 percent growth of sales on Android devices. On iPads, sales grew by 2,500 percent!

“We have seen some incredible results since going live with our mobile website in August,” said David Sasson, CEO of “We have been extremely pleased with the progress we have made since we began rolling out our mobile strategy over the summer. We strive to provide our customers with exemplary multi-channel customer service with our mobile technology and future mobile plans.”

The advance of mobile web continues unabated, with smartphones now representing 40 percent of all mobile phones in the U.S., according to a July 2011 Nielsen report. “It is statistics like this and our own site analytics showing us that mobile users are our fastest growing market, which drove us to ramp up our mobile strategy,” said Sasson.

The online retailer initiated its mobile strategy with the debut of the iPhone application in June 2011. The app, which is available for download on iTunes, is the perfect complement for the mobile store as it allows shoppers to visualize fine art from the retailer hanging on their own wall before making their purchases. As mobile technology advances, plans for future revisions and enhancements, including the creation of an Android version of its mobile application scheduled to be released by Cyber Monday 2011 (for those who don’t know that’s Nov. 28). was able to sit down with Amitai Sasson,’s Vice President of Marketing and Development, to answer a few questions about this phenomenon.

Why were the mobile site and application such a hit?

The new mobile website makes shopping for art via mobile a much simpler process for consumers, which it hasn’t been in the past. While the e-commerce site has been very successful, it simply wasn’t sufficient for m-commerce. We knew we ultimately needed to establish a more user-friendly mobile version of the site and with the rapid growth of mobile sales in general and stats showing that more of our customers were also purchasing via mobile, we knew we couldn’t wait any longer to launch the mobile site.

Why has it boosted sales?

We can attribute some of the mobile site’s success to’s newsletter program. The company does a great job connecting with clients on a weekly basis, and many of these highly affluent shoppers receive their emails on their smartphones. Their ability to reach directly on their phones right when they get the email into their inbox made the leap to the mobile environment an instant success.


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