Windows 8 – How Small Businesses Can Benefit

Although there is no official launch date for the release of the recently announced Windows 8, the newest operating system from Microsoft will be specifically designed exclusively for desktop, laptop and tablets. It has already created a large pool of rumors and speculations. As Microsoft claims, it is the operating system that is unlike what people have experienced from the company for the past two decades. The Windows 8, Microsoft’s bread-and-butter operating system is set to offer enterprises with more utilities than before. Do you think the users accept all these changes or discard it? The answer lies in after release sales figures of the product. Specifically, there are several features of the Windows 8 which are highly beneficial for small businesses.

Tablet and Desktop Support

Windows 8 will feature an interface that has been developed to support both desktop and touch screen interfaces, such as tablets. Because of this flexibility, users will have the freedom to choose which device to use to suit their needs. They will not be essentially required to obtain a specific device just to match the utilities of the new operating system. For instance, if the user is more at ease or frequently requires the use of the mouse to finish their tasks then they can opt for the desktop mode. If the user wants to work exclusively with a certain interface, they can do so. Small businesses can use and incorporate Windows 8 into their systems along with its applications without spending extra money on new devices or hardware updates.

Faster Boot-up

Small businesses will also find it helpful that the new Windows 8 system has also addressed boot-up time. The new operating system has been designed to provide faster boot-up time compared to the previous operating systems. As it was demonstrated, Microsoft has already increased the speed of the boot-up time from the SSDs and their recent hardware. This is further enhanced with the development of the new Windows 8. According to estimates, the duration between turning the computer on to the loading of the interface takes only around eight seconds. This was highly impossible for Windows 7. While boot-up may also be affected by the kind of device the user has, still, an eight-second boot-up period is very useful for software updates, the application of patches and similar tasks that need a system restart. Small businesses can save a lot of time using this operating system. Less time means less energy used and lower costs.

Compatible with Existing Hardware

One very good piece of news is that just like other operating systems from Microsoft, Windows 8 may be installed on existing hardware. There is no need to sign for or to pay for upgrades or even send out a purchase order for new computer systems. Users and business units can stick with their “Windows 7 hardware” for the new Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft claims that hardware predating Windows 7 can also accommodate the Windows 8. The new operating system is focusing on memory efficiency, thus, its compatibility with existing or older hardware.

There is also an App Store where users can look into and get additional applications based on their needs. Small businesses should be able to find helpful tools in the App Store along with their new interface.

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