12 Experts Share 12 Ways to Makeover Your Small Business in 2012

Network Solutions asked a couple of daring folks to bare it all and share their wisdom for doing better in 2012.

So Bary Moltz, Jennifer Shaheen, Mario Armstrong and a few others sat down in front of a web cam (no fancy makeup artist or production director) and shared our quick insight in how you can make YOUR business better in 2012.

You can check out the first 3 videos here

If 2012 was not as kind to you as you would have liked, or you are looking to make BIG changes for BIG results in 2012 the advice in these videos will be a big help.

Most of the videos are up now, but all will be up by Dec 27th – next Tuesday.

  1. –         Mon. 12/12- Barry Moltz
  2. –        Tues. 12/13- Ramon Ray
  3. –          Wed. 12/14- Beth Schillaci
  4. –          Thurs. 12/15- Deborah Shane
  5. –          Fri. 12/16- Jenn Mathews
  6. –          Mon. 12/19- Terry Starbucker
  7. –          Tues 12/20- Rieva Lesonsky
  8. –          Wed. 12/21- Jay Ehret
  9. –          Thurs. 12/22- Jennifer Shaheen
  10. –          Friday 12/23- Michael Michalowicz
  11. –          Monday 12/26- Jenn Nycz-Conner
  12. –          Tuesday 12/27- Mario Armstrong






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